The Fletcher
Trust Archives

The Fletcher Trust Archives preserves a unique record of Aotearoa New Zealand’s commercial history dating back to the mid 19th century, with the goal of helping New Zealanders learn more about business and industry in this country and its interaction with the wider world.

The archive comprises the strategic, operational and informational records of several hundred New Zealand companies and international subsidiaries, and their predecessors, which came to form the Fletcher Challenge Group.

In 2001, with the break-up of the Fletcher Challenge Group, the archive was transferred to guardianship and management of the Fletcher Trust. The key objective for the Trust is to preserve and provide public access to this unique record.

The archive includes an extensive collection of documents, photographic materials, audio-visual and sound recordings, maps, architectural drawings, company newspapers and publications, with an ongoing program of digitisation.

The archive provides a record of the economic development in Aotearoa New Zealand, the relationship between the business sector and government, and the impact and contribution made by tens of thousands of people employed within the businesses both at home and abroad.

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