The Fletcher
Trust Collection

The Fletcher Trust Collection was founded in 1962 as a corporate art collection. Today, it is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most prestigious private collections of art. It comprises works made in New Zealand or by New Zealand artists, placing an emphasis on painting. Spanning the 18th century and the present day, it forms a unique historical record.

Overseen by a dedicated curator, the Fletcher Trust Collection includes over 600 works by more than 300 artists. The policy is to acquire works by notable New Zealand artists, with each represented by at least one major painting. Additional works from different phases of production are added for artists of particular importance.

The key objective of the Fletcher Trust Collection is to promote Aotearoa art through loans, exhibitions and events, and digital and print resources. The Trust is committed to maintaining and enhancing the collection to ensure that it continues to give a well-rounded picture of the history of New Zealand painting.

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